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Biochemistry Alumni

Sincere best wishes to our graduates near and far

We have received only positive comments about how easily students from our programs integrate into the wider world of science in academia and industry. You, our alumni, are instrumental in putting the name of Dalhousie University in the minds of recruiters. Thank you for representing us so well as we continue our work at home in Halifax training future leaders in biochemistry and molecular biology such as yourselves.

We present a number of annual awards recognizing academic achievement. Some of the awards were created specifically from funds bequeathed to the department. Other awards were created as donations from the generosity of patrons and former department members. You are invited to look into the history of our benefactors and to review the lists of talented students who are pursuing successful careers for each of the awards.

Should you be so inclined, you may make a gift using Dalhousie's online giving form. If the on-line option is not desirable and you still want to direct your gift, other options are available (be sure to indicate your home department), or feel free to contact the department directly.

Make a contribution to the fund of your choice

E. Gordon Young Memorial Fund

The estate of E. Gordon Young established a memorial fund to support the purchase and maintenance of essential and communal research equipment in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.

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Doug Hogue Award

Dr. Douglas Hogue bequeathed funds to the department to establish an award to be presented each year. One graduate student is recognized for exceptional dedication and achievement in research and intradepartmental student activity.

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Douglas Russell Memorial Book Prize

Douglas Russell is a longtime member of the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. In his memory, the department has established a prize to be awarded from our annual fund to the student with the highest standing in BIOC2300, a course which owes its existence in large part to his efforts.

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Kilmer Macmillan Memorial Book Prize

This prize is awarded to the science student who achieves the highest aggregate mark in Biochemistry's third year courses, BIOC - 3300, 3400, & 3700.

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Patrick Prize

Dr. Sydney J. Patrick endowed the Patrick Prize, awarded annually for the best Ph.D. thesis and defence in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. A considerable number of winners of the prize have gone on to distinguished careers in their fields.

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Peter Dolphin Memorial Prize

This prize is awarded to the fourth year honours student in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology who is judged to have the best overall performance in the honours research project.

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The Beth Gourley Travel Award for Research Excellence

An annual award for research excellence to permit a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology to present their research at a recognized national or international scientific conference. The award has been established by John and Catherine Lazier in memory of John's aunt, Beth Gourley (1915-2010).

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Awards recognizing student achievement, non-monetary

Dr. L. B. Macpherson Award in Medical Biochemistry

The purpose of the prize is to recognize an undergraduate student who has shown the greatest competency in the biochemistry component of the undergraduate medical curriculum. This award is named for a former Dean of Medicine who was especially beloved by students; his former students, as medical alumni, contributed to the fund. Dr. Macpherson taught biochemistry at Dalhousie University for sixteen years and played a major role in the development of the Medical School.

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Society of Chemical Industry Student Merit Award

This prize is awarded to the science student who is judged to have the best overall performance in the fourth year of study. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our top students.

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Undergraduate Research Prize

The prize is a non-monetary recognition of contribution to research. The aim of the prize is to provide a non-GPA-based recognition of an undergraduate's learning experience outside of the classroom. The prize is also recognition of valuable contribution to research. The prize is awarded annually upon graduation to eligible students. Students with at least eight months of summer research experience while registered in a BSc 120 credit hour major or BSc Honours program at Dalhousie University may seek to be nominated from one or more faculty members. The supporting letter(s) should describe the student's research contributions and the duration of time spent in each laboratory.

Undergraduate Research Prize information 2013 [PDF - 60 kB]
Undergraduate Research Prize application form 2013 [PDF - 45 kB]

University Medal in Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology offers a medal to the top First Class Honours graduate in the Biochemistry program. The recipient will be the one who has attained the high scholastic standard of the department.

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