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Abdul Zetrini


Tripoli University Libya
Supervisor: Neale Ridgway
Research Area: Cell Biology of Cholesterol and Lipids



Pharmacy (2005-2009)
Tripoli University
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Anticancer Compounds

Awards & Professional Activities

Scholarships & Awards

Best graduation project for the year 2008-2009, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tripoli University, Tripoli – Libya. (2008-2009)

Certificate of recognition for high Standards excellence in Pharmaceutical Research , The 27th Scientific Conference of Arab pharmacists union (APU) (11-13/5/2010), Damascus, Syria . (2010)

A scholarship from ministry of higher education in Libya for three years to take a master degree in Canada (2013)

Professional Activities

Teaching Assistant for BIOC 3400 (2015),

Teaching Assistant for BIOC 2600 (2016)

Poster presentation for the 15th Scientific congress of the Association of The Pharmacy Colleges in the Arab World , (9-11/10/2012) Amman ,jordan (2012)

Poster presentation for the 10th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences (26-29/7/2012), Ankara, Turkey (2012)

Oral presentation for the 27th Scientific Conference of Arab pharmacists union (APU) (11-13/5/2010), Damascus, Syria (2010)


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