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Calem Kenward


Supervisor: David N. Langelaan
Research Area: Structural biology, protein assembly and protein engineering

Tupper 8-F1


  1. Shin, K., Chapman, N.A., Sarker, M., Kenward, K., Huang, S.K., Weatherbee-Martin, N., Pandey, A., Dupré, D.J. and Rainey, J.K., (2017) Bioactivity of the putative apelin proprotein expands the repertoire of apelin receptor ligands. Biochim Biophys Acta - General Subjects 1861:1901-1912 [PubMed] [Article]
  2. Shin, K., Kenward, K. and Rainey, J.K., (2017) Apelinergic system structure and function Compr Physiol In press: