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Nandini Margam

PhD (Micro & Immuno)

Chennai, India
Supervisor: Roy Duncan
Research Area: Protein-mediated cell-cell membrane fusion during viral infections and muscle cell differentiation; viral fusion protein structure and function; cellular pathways involved in cell-cell fusion; exosomes and nonenveloped virus transmission; oncolytic viruses for tumour therapy.

Tupper 7S

Research Interests

I completed my BSc in biotechnology in India and then worked for several years as a patent researcher before starting my PhD at Dalhousie. My graduate research is focused mouse muscle fusion and the role of a novel pro-myogenic factor, myopodin, in this process. My research makes extensive use of C2C12 mouse myoblasts, retrovirus transduction, molecular cell biology, and live cell imaging, and more recently have expanded my research approaches to include mouse myogenic stem cells and satellite cells, and a zebrafish model of myogenesis.

Awards & Professional Activities

Scholarships & Awards

Dean's Scholarship, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie (2012)