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Gerard Gaspard

India, Dalhousie University
Supervisor: Roy Duncan

Research Interests

I completed my MSc in pharmacology working on a mouse model of cardiac fibrosis. My PhD research in biochemistry used yeast genetics to explore the genetic interaction landscape of tafazzin gene, which when mutated causes heart failure in infants.. During my graduate training I developed considerable expertise in molecular cell biology, mouse models, primary cell culture, lipid metabolism, and reactive oxygen species. My major postdoctoral research objectives relate to cellular pathways and calcium signaling regulating muscle cell fusion and FAST protein-induced syncytiogenesis.


PhD (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) (2014)
Dalhousie University
The Mitochondrial Quality Control Protein Yme1 is Necessary to Prevent Defective Mitophagy in a Yeast Model of Barth Syndrome.

MSc (Pharmacology) (2007)
Dalhousie University
Studies on the adrenergic regulation of cardiac fibrosis and Cyclin Dependent Kinase 1 transcription

Master of Veterinary Sciences (Biotechnology) (2002)
Indian Veterinary Research Institute
Brucella abortus L7/L12 ribosomal protein heterologous expression and synthesis of its T-cell epitopes.

Awards & Professional Activities

Scholarships & Awards

Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (2009)

Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (2006-2007)

Hazel L. MacDonald Graduate Studentship (2005)

Professional Activities

11th Annual Yeast Lipid Conference, Halifax, Canada. (2013), Poster presentation "The mitochondrial quality control protein Yme1 is necessary to prevent defective mitophagy in a yeast model of Barth Syndrome."

Yeast Genetics Meeting by Genetics society of America, Toronto, Canada. (2007) Poster presentation " Role of heat stress on yeast phosphatidylcholine metabolism"

IWK Department of Paediatrics research day, Halifax, Canada. (2009) Barth Syndrome : Understanding tafazzin function.

International Society of Heart Research - (2006) Poster Presentation (2006), Beta-adrenergic regulation of cyclin dependent kinase1 (CDK1) in the mouse heart. International Society for Heart Research 2006, June 13-16, 2006, Toronto, Canada. Abstract Published: Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (2006) 40: 874-875

Teaching Assistant-Department of Biochemistry (2008-2010) Biochemistry for pharmacy.


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