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Dr. Grant Brown

Donnelly Centre
Department of Biochemistry
University of Toronto

Genome-scale analysis of Protein Dynamics During DNA Replication Stress in S. cerevisiae

Re-localization of proteins is a hallmark of the DNA damage response. We have used high-throughput microscopic screening of the yeast GFP fusion collection to develop a systems-level view of protein re-organization following drug-induced DNA replication stress. Changes in protein localization and abundance reveal drug-specific patterns of functional enrichments. Classification of proteins by sub-cellular destination allows the identification of pathways that respond to replication stress. We analyzed pairwise combinations of GFP fusions and gene deletion mutants to define and order two DNA damage responses. This method identifies response pathways that were not detected in genetic and protein interaction screens, and can be readily applied to any form of chemical or genetic stress to reveal cellular response pathways.


Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 4:00 PM


Theatre D, CRC Building

All are welcome to attend!